Friday, 28 January 2011

Incommunicado à Paris

The first time we went to Paris, I remember having a handful of francs ready to make a call. It was really really hard! It was like having an IQ test just to get the phone to work. Once I was connected, I had to keep feeding francs into the little slot until I ran out of money and got cut off. I was incommunicado!

In a way, it was better than being connected to everyone all day every day. Vacation was more of a vacation. We were far away. We were unreachable! All we had to do was concentrate on fun and adventure. Europe was foreign! 

The last time we were in Paris, my husband’s phone rang and it was his dentist’s secretary reminding him of an upcoming appointment. This is coming back to "real life" during vacation time and I don't like it!   I want to be thinking of Lautrec, Van Gogh, art and history.....not cavities. 

It’s true no one is forcing us to have our cells on when travelling, but now we almost feel irresponsible not to be connected when it’s so easy. So, unless we want to visit a country that has no communications system, we pretty well have to get used to this. That’s bad.

On the other hand, by having a "smart phone" on, we know exactly what time the metro will arrive, what’s on at every theatre, museum hours, restaurant menus, exhibition schedules etc. How great is that?! No more arriving at the Louvre on Tuesday to find it’s closed…..we know that before leaving our room! That’s good! 

Check out the Louvre and buy a phone at the same time!

Now when I call friends, before I jump into conversation, I make sure I ask "are you busy?  Are you in North America?  Is my call costing you?  Do you want to call me back in two weeks"?

As soon as we all have video conferencing on our phones that's when you can count me OUT.  I'll only answer during working hours, and when I'm totally presentable.  (I don't want to "conference" with my friends anyway - I just want to chat).

Being a bit of a gadget nut I’m as guilty as others who have iPhones and iPads and iPods and Androids…..but still, it would be nice to hide. Just for a bit.


  1. ain't it the truth. i'm always connected.

  2. We just got Samsung (Androids). Have to say, they're addictive!

  3. I'm the only one in my family still holding out from carrying a cell phone, I even screen my landline calls before picking up! As everyone else carries one, I figure I can reach anyone I want to whan and IF I want to, which suits me fine.

  4. Good for you! A hold out! The "no phone" thing worked for thousands of years so.....carry on!