Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Flight Patterns

All this for $213.49.  WOW!
Every week or so I receive emails from Air Canada, Air France, KLM, and several travel agencies outlining all the fantastic deals I’m missing by not booking NOW. And every week, with every email, I fall for it. I just can’t resist going through the process to see what’s what.

Here’s today’s email –

Montreal – Paris $213.49

(OMG – I don’t care what anyone says, I’m going for the weekend)!

Then I notice the little writing: (one way). Well, $213.49 is a fabulous price if you’re never coming back!

But for most of us, we have to return. So add on another $213.49 to come home again bringing us to $426.98. That’s still quite a deal! Too much for a weekend, but a good offer considering what's at the end of the flight.

Then, I read on:

What? The taxes, fees, charges and surcharges are more than the airfare! And I don’t see a breakdown of all these "fees".  Taxes I understand, there’s no escaping them, but what are the "fees, charges and surcharges"? What does that even mean? “Fees, charges and surcharges” for what? Movies? Meals? Fuel? Wings? Yes yes….we want them all….but it’s really not fair to get our hopes up with this $213.00 intro!  Tickets, I’m glad to say, are refundable – except for a $300 "fee".  

If one of the airlines would send me a notice that the seat sale is $874.00 taxes, fees, surcharges, uniform for the pilot etc. etc. all in, I'd be pleased!

Doesn't matter.  I'll be getting another offer in a week or so. 


  1. I have been wanting to go travel but tickets are too expensive! How I wish cheap flights would be offered every so often.

  2. Every so often you get lucky with the flights Nick. Keep checking and good luck!