Wednesday, 5 January 2011

6:00 AM Is No Time To Go To Work

A.M./P.M. - No difference
If you were dropped down in Montreal at 6:00 A.M., do you know what the difference would be from Montreal at 6:00 P.M.? Nothing! The sky is dark, it’s cold and there’s traffic. The only variation would be that the people on the Metro can hardly keep their eyes open that early in the morning (although this also happens at 6:00 PM on occasion). Droopy lids, sagging mouths, it’s not a pretty sight……and it wasn’t just me!

The only time I don’t mind getting up early is to catch a flight to Paris. That’s it. There’s no other reason in the world that I’m happy to be conscious and out on the street at this hour. It’s downright spooky.

This morning I had a 7:00 AM video conference at work which is why I am now privy to early morning work habits. The conference was being conducted on European time so a very civilized hour for those attending from the EU. For me, not so much.

ANYWAY…..after the video conference (which, thankfully, wasn’t two-way showing off my performance of non-stop yawning), I was very hungry. My stomach was now all confused and thought it was time for lunch. See? It’s not healthy messing around with the internal clock! Restaurants were serving breakfast so I was forced to have bacon and eggs and we know that’s not good either. (OK, I could have had yoghurt, fruit or oatmeal….but yuck….not when I could smell bacon sizzling on the pan).

I have a deep respect for people that get up at the crack of dawn to go to work. Well, maybe ‘respect’ isn’t the right word. Curiosity maybe. I can see early morning calls for farmers, people who make the doughnuts and bus drivers. When the sun is rising in Paris and the Department of Sanitation employees are hard at work, some restaurants are just finishing up the dinner seating from the night before. All these people have good reasons for being up early. Street cleaning a must…..finishing dinner a must.

Paris Sky at Dusk

Sunrise is beautiful. I’ve seen photos of it and it’s almost as nice as the sunset.

Morning people frown on night owls which seems to be the only politically correct prejudice these days. In some circles, early birds are called "A-people" and night owls are called "B-people". Who decided that?

One thing’s for sure, you can’t convince or convert a morning person to a night owl or vice versa. Don’t even try!
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  1. i tell people that electricity kind of ruins their argument that being awake earlier than me makes them better. by god, it's the 21st century! i can go to bed at 5am and get up at 2pm and be just as productive as someone who gets up at 5am! crazy people... though bacon kind of does make it worth it, right?

  2. LOL! How right you are! Who needs to get up early with the net and email? And what's to stop us from having bacon and eggs at 2:00 AM?