Monday, 6 December 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow!

Phone shots. 
 I wasn't expecting snow today!

Here it is! The first real snowfall of the year and it's a beautiful one. Big soft flakes that sparkle like diamonds. The branches of the Christmas trees now look fully decorated with the lights reflecting off the powdery white. This isn't "the big one", but it's enough to get people really into the Christmas spirit!

On the other hand -

Oh sx@*t!  It's snowing.  Did they say it was going to snow?  Did you hear any weather forecast?  I didn't hear anything about snow.  Why is it snowing?  I don't have any boots on.  Do you have your winter tires?  I'm soaked.  I'm sure they didn't say it was going to snow today!  Why do we stay in this climate anyway?!  What's the ten day forecast?  Does anyone know if this is going to last?

No matter how long we live here, we're always surprised each year with the first snowfall.  And every year, you hear people say "Well, we should expect it.  We live in Canada after all".  And every year we're totally amazed that it's happening again.  Must be a Canadian thing.
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  1. I absolutely love the idea of snow, and as soon as it starts I'm happy and feel the holiday spirit but then it doesn't take long for that "oh sh*t" feeling to take hold when you realize what a pain in the arse it is!

  2. I cannot imagine living in an area where there is as much snow as Canada. When I lived in Kentucky, I loved when it snowed. In fact, if it was cold, I felt like it was a waste unless it was snowing. Now I am in Florida and have not seen snow for a couple of years. It is nice to visit though.

  3. Oh how gorgeous! The beauty of Winter!

  4. We love the winter but....Florida and Texas sound pretty good right around January!

  5. Yes, there are two sides to every snowfall. Something we are experiencing here in Sweden as well.

  6. Ropcorn - love love the photos of the dogs playing in the snow!