Sunday, 26 December 2010

P.C. (Post Christmas) Day

Christmas Day is over for another year. Seems like only yesterday I was wrapping presents (oh, it was). Anyhoo, Christmas dinner went pretty well considering it's the only day of the year I cook for anyone besides my husband and myself.

Menu du Jour

Stuffed Turkey, 8.4 kg for 5 people
Ha ha ha. "That's too big"!  Ha ha ha. "No it isn't". We LOVE turkey and demand leftovers. Was easy. Popped it in the oven frozen and it  came out delicious

Stuffing -  Provided by Mr. Butterball in the above mentioned frozen turkey. Very good.

Veggies -   Peas, corn. No problem. I can open cans as well as the next person.

Potatoes -  Trickier.   I had to peel and cook these (!)  then, put them through a ricer.  This is how my grandmother used to do potatoes at Christmas and they're light and YUM!

Gravy -  Forget that. Would mean using flour and who knows what else.  I bought canned  turkey gravy. No one commented - whatever. At least it was brown and wasn't lumpy.

Cranberry Sauce -  I forgot all about it (probably because we've never had it at the table in past years). Someone did ask if we had any but there you go. No.

Desserts -  We had tons!  shortbread, thimble cookies, brownies, dream cake, fruit cake (no one likes it but it's tradition), chocolates, and more. Desserts are never a problem.

Anyway, the pressure is off and now we can take a breather, dig into those leftovers, and relax a bit. I got a new mystery from Santa so I'm going to curl up in fluffy jammies and read. What a luxury!  I can't think of anything I'd enjoy more right now.

Even though the big day has passed, it's still Christmas as far as I'm concerned until New Year's. Once New Year's Day is over, I'm out of holiday mode.  No, REALLY out of holiday mode. Come January 2, our beautiful Christmas decorations start to look like clutter and I can't wait to get them packed away. I suppose this makes sense seeing as they'll have been up for over a month and It's really really hard to dust tinsel!

In the meantime, I plan on stuffing my face with goodies, watching a few more Christmas movies, and enjoying the easy part of the holiday season.

Merry Post Christmas!


  1. Anonymous12/26/2010

    Actually I like to drag Christmas out until Epiphay, that twelve day thing, and the decorations have not been up here for a month yet, and what's that dusting thing you mentioned. Merry Christmas, its not over til the wise guys shpow up


  2. I'm always nervous if all the Christmas things aren't put away by January 6. My Grandmother told me it's bad luck. Of course this is the same Grandmother that now has me ricing potatoes. You're right- why start dusting now? That's just crazy talk :)