Thursday, 9 December 2010

I've Lost My (iPod) Touch!


Yesterday morning I sat down on the metro, reached into my pocket for my iPod and.....nothing....niks....nadda.   I pulled out some pocket lint instead of my favourite gizmo.
Panic Set In

This may seem like no big whoop to you, but my iPod is like my second brain - and quite frankly, it works better than the original.  It holds not only the regular old stuff like my calendar, address book, and my entire music collection, but my Christmas list (which I worked so hard on yesterday),  my book collection, dictionaries, thesaurus, access to Air Canada and Air France, Yellow Pages, games, bus schedules, the NY Times, France 24, Le Monde, MSN, the star system, moon phases, my family tree.......even an interactive map of the entire metro system in Paris.  And that's just the tip of the iceberg!  There is an application for every necessary bit of information I need in my life!

While I was sitting there with nothing to read, just staring into space, I realized how much I LOVE this thing.  I can do without food (for 4 to 6 weeks apparently), a computer and printer, but don't mess with me and my iPod.  I NEED it. 

Once I changed the passwords on my bank accounts (yes, I do my banking on my pod), I started to relax a bit and look forward to the new improved version which I would have to get ASAP.  Guess what I found out!  The new one has a camera AND a video camera and tons more memory. I can keep more movies on it in case I get stuck on a desert island with nothing to watch.  For me the best part of the new iPod is if I lose it, there is a feature that will show on a map exactly where it is!  I'm going to try this feature first thing. 

All this to say, if you receive a rude e-mail from me, ignore it.  It means someone found my iPod, cracked the security code and is having a good time at my expense.  I apologize in advance.
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  1. I sure can identify with this one. My whole personal and business life live in my iPod. I wouldn't even remember my own kids birthday without it' I am so paranoid, that I actually back it up to an independent hard drive. I like that find me feature. Can you tell me how to check? Perhaps I actually have it.
    Great blogs, Susan, thanks.

  2. Hi Catherine. The "find me" feature is available for the 4th generation iPod (ie if you have the one with the camera). You download the "Find My Phone" app and register. It's a free service from Apple and I've tested it - it works! I keep backup on my hard drive too and I'm glad I did! Best, Susan