Tuesday, 16 November 2010

This Is Such A Crappy Year

Long time no blog.  Long time no feel like it.  A very dear friend of ours passed away from a sudden heart attack ten days ago and we've been too sad to function.  It's a terrible thing to lose a friend, and we've lost two in six months.

2010 - A Crap Year

If I seem like I'm not happy, I'm not.  I'm sure I'll pick up soon with Christmas coming and all......but as for today......no.

Seems we've had nothing but bad news this crappy year

  • How's the house coming along? Just fine thanks as you can see from the photo taken last week.  It's supposed to snow on the weekend and we'd be very grateful if they would get some bricks back on the front of the building.  Maybe it's just me, but no walls and snow don't mix well.
  • My husband had his first medical problem and surgery this year.  That was fun.
  • What else?  This is the first year in a zillion that we haven't gone to Paris (I think it's making me a bit cranky).

And just to show you how daily crap happens -  I was at stable last week as a friend of ours had to take care of his horses while we were discussing serious things during the evening.  This was a nice little break from sadness.....the horses are beautiful with big, expressive eyes and one of them really took to me.  I was so happy to stroke his head and speak softly to him until he all of a sudden got spooked and tried to bite me. No one loves animals more than I do but that's the last time I put my hand out to anything over 1000 lbs.  I got away with just a bruise but it'll be a while (read never) before I trust a horse up close again.

So, this is my warm up blog to get me back in the swing of things.  Tomorrow is a new day.  I'll start concentrating on Christmas, Santa, Bing Crosby, turkey, and happy thoughts.

The best harp
player there ever was

Our favourite
sculptor and painter

We miss you both.

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  1. Oh Susan, I'm so sorry for your loses. That's very, very sad. You have every right to be sad and feel crappy. One can't always be positive and peppy. Take care this winter, go slow, rest, smile at nature, take a deep breath, and things will get better.

  2. Thank you Merry. Will take you advice and hopefully 2011 will be a better year.

  3. Aw Susuan! I just got a chance to come visit and read this...I am so sorry for you and your Husband both. It's never easy losing loved ones. You know, a friend of mine just said to me the other day ''Friends are the family we make for ourselves''. So true. Here's hoping 2011 is a better year for you!

    Also, if those bricks don't come back I'm sending blankets! xx

  4. Thanks for the note Mesina. We still can't believe our friends are gone. I guess it takes time to sink in - and yes, these friends were very much our family.

    Will let you know re the blankets....we might need socks too :)

  5. Keeping you in my heart and meditations, so sorry that your friends passed away. I like to think they're following your wonderful blog, anyway! Hope you do get to go ice-skating, and thanks for the tip about cooking a turkey, which I have yet to do, myself. ;-D

  6. Thanks for the nice note Gail. The year has been a pack of bad news but we can feel good vibes for 2011!