Thursday, 18 November 2010

Think Winter

Galeries Lafayette Christmas Display
A common complaint this time of year is that it's dark outside by 4:00 PM. This is really depressing to some people.  Personally, I like it.  I guess it stems from when I was a kid.  To me there was nothing more exciting than being outside when the street lights came on. (I was easily amused).

It's the same with snow.  People here groan at the thought of the driving conditions and shovelling.....but I don't drive and I don't shovel, ergo....I enjoy winter. I'll admit that -30 C. isn't great for long periods of time, but a good blowy day can be fun.

This winter I'd like to go ice skating - at night - when the lights are on.  I used to skate all the time but for some reason, just stopped.  Well, this is the year.  As soon as I find an outdoor rink....which won't happen until it gets colder for ice.......and I need skates......and new mitts....maybe a thermos....

OMG.  I just remembered........(!)

They have skating on the Eiffel Tower!  Isn't that a coincidence!  Here I was thinking of skating, and what pops into my mind!?!?!!!  I'm pretty sure this would be the best skating experience ever.  I'm going to put this on my Christmas list.  You never know.

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  1. Oh my goodness, you can't get any more romantic than skating on the Eiffel Tower! I think you are right, it's the driving conditions winter brings that makes me find it so depressing. My children's school is a 20 mile trip away from home, along dark, winding lanes - add lashing rain to the darkness, not to mention the odd ambush by a stray horned sheep, and I'm often a nervous wreck by the time I get them home!

  2. Er, that's the children, not the sheep..

  3. Ah yes....I was thinking more of city than country. Stray horned sheep and winding lanes would make me nervous too!