Wednesday, 3 November 2010

No More Mrs. Nice Guy - Elevator Etiquette

The Apartment (1960)
Please note:  50 years ago!
I’ve decided that I’m no longer holding the elevator door for people. That’s it. No more. If you want to get on the same elevator as me, you’ll have to run.

Every day I see people rushing for the elevator and every day the old me would hold the door open for them with a friendly smile. Then, every day someone would get on the said elevator and totally ignore me. Like I’m not there at all! No “thank you”, smile not even a nod.

Get this. One person said to me “9”. That’s it! Just “9”. Excuse me…..but what movies have you been watching? Am I wearing a starched uniform and little white gloves? Do you hear me saying in a nasal voice “which floor please”? Now they have new fangled things where you can just press the number yourself and voila! Job done.

I know everyone has a lot on their minds but I’m sure the exact same people will notice when I let the elevator door slam close right on their noses. I’m sure they’ll write a blog about how rude people are not to hold the elevator door open. Well, there you go. Two different points of view – on the inside looking out, and on the outside looking in.

PS  We don't have this problem in Paris.  The elevator only holds two people so manners not required.


  1. Oh I hear you.


    Did you press it anyway?

    My husband still waits to let other people on public transit. Why bother? They don't care.

  2. Like an idiot, I DID press it and still got no reaction. You're right - public transit is even worse!

  3. We have the same problem here...and when going into a store and the person behind you is right there so you hold the door open for them AND NOTHING. Hate that.

  4. Think we should form a protest group!

  5. That is one bonus of the teeny tiny elevators that I never thought about before :-)