Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Montreal Spy Network (MSN)

Guess this means nothing to report
I had no idea, until very recently, that there are so many spies in Montreal. I guess I just wasn’t paying attention, but lately, I see them all over the place (this can’t be right).

They huddle in groups outside buildings and they allow smoking at their meetings which I think is absolutely necessary for the business they’re in. They’re always looking over their shoulders and ducking behind bushes. They make eye contact, but don’t speak. I figure they’re sending secret messages, maybe even with the smoke! That’s exciting!

I wonder what they’re spying on and who they’re working for? Maybe it’s a plot to fill the potholes when no one is looking. That would really confuse Montrealers! Or, maybe they’re gathering information to speed up construction in the city. That would cause havoc. No one would know what’s going on! A skyline with no cranes? A street with no barriers? Confusion would reign supreme.

I would imagine the tricky part of the Montreal Spy Network (MSN) is the two official languages. Even for us civilians, it can be difficult. You’re expecting to read a word in English, and it turns out to be French – or vice versa. You see the word “retard” and think “well that’s pretty rude”. Then you realize it means “late”. This must make it hard to decipher secret codes.

We have web cams in the city and I’m sure this all ties in with the MSN. They say these are for traffic but we all know that there is traffic ALL the time so that’s just a bad cover. MSN just needs to know who is going where and when.

A bit obvious
Being a spy seems glamorous. Especially with the MSN. There are no bullets to dodge or James Bond type climbing of buildings so it seems safe enough. Although, now that I think of it, I did see some guys outside my window on the 10th floor recently. They had a bucket and window cleaning fluid but that’s pretty lame cover.

Graffiti covers a lot of buildings and to me this would be a great way to pass on information……oh oh. Maybe I’m giving away too much information here. I hope I haven’t blown it.

If the MSN needs me to remove this blog, just send me a smoke signal.


  1. Anonymous11/02/2010

    Sue, I think you're on to something - Wanda

  2. Wanda - have you seen them too? :)