Monday, 4 October 2010

Too Much Financial Advice

Wall Street 1929
These days we all have to watch our spending. We’re told how to pinch pennies, watch for sales, or even better, don’t buy anything at all (although how that can be good for the economy is beyond me). I like to economize as much as the next person but there are some recommendations I’m just going to ignore:

Cut My Own Hair
No. Maybe trim my bangs, but really.

Make Soup from Leftovers
No. I’m gagging just thinking of it. It’s one thing if you have left over chicken or turkey, but left over take-out Chinese food?  I repeat (pardon the pun), no.

Walk Instead of Riding
No. I just can’t get up at 4:30 AM to walk to work. I just can’t. I’d fall asleep at my desk, get fired, and have no money period.

Then there are also the super obvious tips. I don’t know who writes these, but I have a feeling it’s not the people who actually need financial advice –

  • Pay off your credit card debt
  • Pay cash for everything
  • Don’t go near stores
  • Look for a higher paying job
  • Buy stocks that go up in value
  • Get cheaper housing
  • Sell your car
  • Don't eat (I'm just kidding on this one)
  • Don’t be friends with people who have more money than you (what?)
There’s way too much advice coming in, and not enough money.

I have an idea! How about we all start from scratch? All debts, wiped out. All mortgages, paid in full. Nothing owing as of now. A fresh start! THIS IS BRILLIANT! No national debts, no IOUs. There might be a few whiners who think this isn't fair....but only a handful.  We'll all promise to be a lot more careful in future. Does anyone have the number of the White House? The Elysée Palace?  I need to speak to Obama and Nicolas.  They'll thank me for his I'm sure.  Let’s take a vote….all in favor…..??

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  1. Anonymous10/04/2010

    Wipe out personal debt! Forget Obama and Sarkozy. Susan for President!! - Wanda

  2. Thanks Wanda. I take it you agree :)

  3. Girl, YES! That's the best idea I've heard---EVER!

  4. Thanks EmptyNester. I have to say I think this is one of my better ideas!

  5. Excellent idea! I'm not one of the people who will whine! No soup made from Chinese food leftovers!

  6. Glad to count you in! We have to have some standards! Thanks Cindy.

  7. Hey, I noticed art as one of your interests, I started a new art blog maybe u'll like it! Thanks and keep up great work.

  8. "We want Susan to run for Empress of the Planet. Nothing less." You go girl!

  9. Empress of the Planet! Thank you! I accept :)

  10. Makavetis - thanks for the visit! I will check out your blog tonight.