Saturday, 9 October 2010

Support Your Local Talent

Pablo Picasso 1962Image via Wikipedia
Was he shy?
There is so much talent out there that it's hard to keep up with it.  I honestly don't know how anyone gets up on stage in front of a live audience and does their thing.  But that's just me.  Musicians, comedians, actors, singers, it takes something special to perform in public.

Joe the photographer
being Joe the comedy
I've been to several events during the last month.  A comedy night fundraiser where stand-up comedians do their bit ALONE on stage to make people laugh. ALONE you understand!  (That takes guts and I'd faint before getting to the mike). But they did it! No passing out or anything!  That really impresses me.

Drew Corbin
Then I went to see Drew Corbin perform at Pub de la Place in Montreal. A fantastic night of music with Drew performing his own material.  Shawn McDonald joined in for a few songs so double the talent on that one. (Neither one of them fainted either)!

Shawn McDonald, Drew Corbin
All this to say, there is so much talent out there and we need to see it!  So many people who have songs to sing, jokes to tell, plays to perform, music to be heard........

As for the visual arts (my thing), that's easy!  I don't even have to show up at our exhibitions if I don't want to.  I'm not waiting for laughs or applause.  So I'm thinking.....maybe it's shy people who go for painting and sculpture.  Hmmmm....of course Picasso didn't seem terribly shy but you never know.
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  1. I agree - in the face of entertainment being overtaken in an industrial way by cyberspace, i.e. downloading music, downloading tv and film, I encourage people to attend live events to keep the performing arts alive - so much better to be there in person and if you sit close enough, see the 'whites of their eyes'

  2. Exactly! Nothing better than the real thing!