Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Play Anyone?

Theatre Gymnase Marie Bell
I didn’t think I would enjoy a play in Paris because my French isn’t top notch and two hours of translating in my head can be exhausting. I was wrong! The play’s the thing! Of course choosing something a bit familiar really helps!

Being totally familiar with Aznavour's work, one of the plays we enjoyed was “Je M’voyais Deja” performed at the Theatre Gymnase Marie Bell (built in 1820). I had to see this show because the whole thing is based on Aznavour's songs.  Katia Aznavour was the Artistic Director.

Another play we particularly enjoyed was based on the life of Edith Piaf, “La Vie en Rose et Noir” with Nathalie Lhermitte portraying Edith Piaf. Jacques Pessis narrated and played the accordion. Both were fabulous. Lhermitte, who has an incredible voice, portrayed Piaf just as I picture her in my own mind. This play still goes on in Paris when not on tour.

Photo taken with phone - still, you get the idea!

If your French is a bit rusty don’t avoid French theater.  Look up a musical (and there is always one playing), and enjoy the experience of these beautiful old buildings and a live performance.

Theatre Gymnase Marie Bell
38 boulevard Bonne-Nouvelle

Edith Piaf's Paris 

Charles Aznavour

Nathalie Lhermitte


  1. Anonymous10/13/2010

    Wow! Hubby loves Piaf (I'm a bit jealous). We gotta check out that play -Wanda

  2. Hi Wanda - the play is wonderful. Yes, see it if you have a chance! (By the way, everyone loves Piaf)!