Friday, 8 October 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Columbus Day!

This Monday is Thanksgiving Day in Canada. A long weekend and a gorgeous time of year to enjoy some time with  family and friends. Also, turkey dinner and what could be better than that?!

Even though our Thanksgiving Day is a month earlier than in the U.S., I still feel we’re justified in watching Miracle on 34th Street which opens with the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. (I'm talking about the 1947 version with Natalie Wood and Edmund Gwenn, in black and white please).  Considering there is no other movie which celebrates Thanksgiving so well, this is only fair. 

While we’re celebrating Thanksgiving, Americans will be celebrating Columbus Day. I don’t think there is a Columbus Day movie so our U.S. friends will have to think of something else until November 25!

(Happily) There's an Irving Berlin song for every occasion:

I've got plenty to be thankful for
I haven't got a great big yacht,
to sail from shore to shore
Still I've got plenty to be thankful for

I've got plenty to be thankful for
No private car, no caviar, no carpet on my floor
Still I've got plenty to be thankful for.....

Wishing you and your family happy and safe holiday weekend.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Susan, to you and my Canadian family--I'm so happy and thankful to have connected with you all this year!! Porter and I got married on Columbus Day weekend, so we celebrate our anniversary (our 23rd this year) on October 11th.