Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Top 10 Things That Really Really Hurt

I read some place that people love lists. How come? Maybe it’s because a list can be scanned quickly (because of our short attention spans) or maybe it’s because we like things neat and orderly. Well, most things.

ANYWAY,…Last night, as I was turning left, my brain didn’t send the message to my knee which decided to turn right. Well all I can say is OW. OW OW OW.

There are a lot of things that really really hurt, so here’s my top ten list which I had time to think up while waiting for my knee to stop throbbing:
  • Surgery in any shape or form. Avoid it.
  • Really really tight shoes that make your feet so sore you think you can’t take another step (but if the shoes are totally fabulous, too bad feet).
  • Fingernails that split right at the cuticle.
  • Getting your head stuck in the metro door.
  • Taking a big gulp of a cold drink only to find out it's HOT.
  • Falling head first down a flight of stairs.
  • Getting knocked down by a bus.
  • Sticking your wet finger into an electric socket.
  • Getting hit in the face with a tennis racket.
  • Jumping over a fence to find a 50 ft. drop on the other side

Well this could just go on forever couldn’t it?  It would be easy peesy to think of a zillion more things that hurt. Anything that hurts, well, hurts.  (I don’t approve of hurting. It may be “natural” but that doesn’t make it right).

Maybe I haven’t totally grasped this list thing. Seems pretty silly to me! 

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  1. does Mr Black still put out a best dressed list in Hollywood?

  2. I totally forgot about that one! I wonder......