Friday, 17 September 2010

No Time for Art? Try ATCs (Artist Trading Cards)

Artist Trading Card "Camille" - Collage and Ink

There are periods when there’s just no time to sit down and work on a large scale piece of art. Here's a suggestion to keep your creative side happy until you can get back to the studio.

Artist Trading Cards (ATCs)

Artist trading cards are miniature pieces of art and are a wonderful way to let your imagination take over. This is not a new idea, it’s been going on for many years with artists from all around the world participating. The idea is to create an original piece of art, measuring 2.5” x 3.5”. You can draw, paint or collage and you’ll end up with little gems that can also be inspiring when you get back to creating  larger pieces

Artist Trading Card "Deep Thoughts" - Collage
The key word here is “trading”. If you can bear to part with your cards, there are several sites you can join to view the work of others, upload your own work, and propose a trade. A nice way to build up a collection of miniature art work.


I buy Strathmore blank cards precut to size but you can make your own from illustration board. (I'd rather not have to cut to size if I don't have to).  Strathmore also makes sleeves to protect your work, and envelopes.

Strathmore ATC Supplies

A few years ago I traded work by joining the site ATCs For All.  (I recently had to re-join as either I’ve forgotten my user name, or I was bumped because I hadn’t visited for quite a while). Take a look at some of the work and you’ll see some of these pieces are quite complex and very beautiful.

ATCs For All

Illustrated ATCs

Keep creating!

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