Wednesday, 1 September 2010

News and The Funny Anchorperson

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Walter Cronkite, Anchorperson 
A Rant

First off, we no longer say "Anchorman" or "Anchorwoman", it's "Anchorperson".  No gender is allowed.  You can usually tell though from what they're wearing, facial hair etc. (but not always).

I don't want to sound stuffy here, but I really don't tune into the news for entertainment value.  Jabs in the ribs, little quips back and forth, discussions about their weekend plans.......not news, not entertaining, not required. It's like having the comics on page one under the headlines of the newspaper.

The evening news needs a good overhauling.  Seems to me that there should be some sort of break between serious stories and other topics.  Floods, hurricanes, war, famine, pestilence.......all serious news.  Next story.......a duck who plays the piano.  Am I the only one?  Isn't this a bit tacky?  Shouldn't the duck be, say, after the sports?  Maybe we could forget the duck altogether.  I'm not anti-duck, but he doesn't seem to have any news value.

How would the "anchorpersons" feel if the entertainment shows started horning in on news stories?

"Did you hear about Sandra Bullock"?
"Yes, I saw her yesterday and she was commenting on the flooding in Europe and the upcoming conference in London"

I'm also beginning to suspect that the meteorologist isn't a scientist at all (don't quote me - I could be wrong - but then again, he's wrong most the time too).

Spending most my day using the computer, I'd love to sit in the living room to watch the news but frankly, I can read the top stories on the internet without the banter, the duck, and the commercials.  After the news of the day has sunk in, I can go to You Tube and watch the amazing animal tricks whenever I want.


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  1. That was right on! And the anchors keep getting younger and younger. And dumber and dumber. Who cares what they have to say, anyway...funny piece:))

  2. Thanks for the comment Merry! Always good to hear from you.