Thursday, 30 September 2010

Get Me To The Guggenheim On Time

 I’m getting itchy feet. REALLY itchy feet. We’re trying to avoid a big trip this fall as we have a lot going on right now….but really…..people keep sending me e-mails about this exhibition and that exhibition and it’s getting harder and harder to make the sensible choice.

New York Option

Until January 5, 2011, the Guggenheim is having a show on European Modernism immediately before WW1. Matisse, Picasso…..oh forget it. Suffice it to say there are fabulous paintings to see and I NEED to be there.

Of course we’d probably have to fly American Air and I hate American Air. They have the tiniest little planes with no leg room at all, no service, and they never get you where you’re going on time. No, American Air is OUT. I’d have to shop air fares.

But, there’s Broadway, Bloomingdale’s, galleries, restaurants………….and New York is just an hour away……

Paris Option

The Grand Palais in Paris is having a Monet Exhibition – the largest exhibition of Monet’s work which will include 200 paintings. This show continues to January 22, 2011 which gives me more time. No pressure here.

I love flying Air Canada or Air France so that’s not a problem. Also, I keep getting “big sale” e-mails from them both.

BUT…..I know there will be a huge line to get into the Monet show and that’s a real pain.

On the other other hand, there are ten million (count them) things to do in Paris without even popping into a museum.

Stay Home and be Sensible Option

I hate this option.

New York AND Paris Option

I love this option (although it's really not an option, it's more of a 'are you out of your mind' thing)


Don’t you hate making decisions and acting like a mature adult? I have art deadlines to meet, a book repair workshop coming up, French lessons, blogs to write, web sites to update, packing (for the spring move)…..oh yes……and the day job.

On one hand I have a lot to do…..but this makes me tired…….so a vacation would probably be good.

On the other hand……both Paris and New York are not relaxing vacations. I’d be running around the whole time.

There’s the option of a quiet vacation in the country. Ha ha…..only fooling!

No, I'll just have to be mature and forget all this for a few months.  I can do it.  Really.  But I will check out some air fares - not to use - just to see - you never know -

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  1. Thank you for the visit!

  2. Hi Susan, just to add to your quandry, I just got an e-mail from my friend Jane who was in NY last week and saw a play she raves over called La Bete with David Hyde Pierce and also took in the MOMA exhibt which she loved (she also went backstage and met DHP who was by then in a ratty bathrobe) apparently there was horrendous weather there last week so it might be nicer now! hope there is spellcheck on this as I am not sure about the q word, above. sheila

  3. New York...yes, maybe a quick trip would help us get over our travel withdrawl. Maybe......