Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Candy That Sticks To Your Teeth

Why is she writing about this? Who cares?

I’ll tell you who cares. People like me, (well, me actually), enjoying an old fashioned candy stick when a piece latches on to the front of my tooth and I can’t pry it off. What's in these things? 

Penny Candy Heaven

I selected these sticks individually from the jars at the candy store, the kind of jars they had on display when you were a kid. Remember the different flavors? Raspberry, strawberry, root beer, grape etc. and each one was 5 cents. Now they have more flavors – watermelon, lemonade, cranberry, green tea, champagne and strawberries, beaujolais, camembert,  etc. and each stick costs 25 cents.

I love going to the candy store although now it’s actually a candy boutique. Last time I was in there I bought:

  • Blackballs (to freak them out at work)
  • Jujubes
  • Chocolate balls
  • The above mentioned sticks
  • Almond Bark (hardly any)

It only set me back $35.00. Good thing I could pay with credit card and didn’t need to break open my piggy bank for this.

When I was a kid Mojos were my favorite candy. White spearmint chewy things. I was so keen to get them in my mouth sometimes I ate part of the wrapper (which was often fused to the mint). Didn’t matter – I loved them!

The other things I loved were the candy necklaces, candy buttons attached to strips of paper, wax tubes filled with some sweet liquid, sweet tarts and anything in a fun package. The only candy I never bought were those little hard see through candies that tasted like perfume. One taste of those was enough.

Guess kids don’t buy penny candy now unless they get $35.00 allowance. The new "candy boutiques" are obviously aiming for the adult nostalgia market and I guess it's working (I wasn't the only one handing over my credit card for a candy fix).

Now I have to go brush my teeth and see if this goo will come off with regular toothpaste or if I need an appointment with the dentist!

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