Monday, 13 September 2010

10 Great Things To Do In Montreal And Paris In The Fall

Autumn in Montreal is the best. That's a lie.  Autumn in Paris is the best...but still.... Montreal is cool but not cold, warm but not stifling, and the leaves will soon be beautiful.  If I'm not in Paris, this is where I want to be.

On that note, below is my list of the very best things to do in autumn for city dwellers who are lucky enough to enjoy four seasons.

  • Leaf peep.  Leaf peepers arrive en masse for the September/October fall folliage.   In Montreal you can do this right in the middle of the city by visiting Mount Royal or strolling through a leafy neighborhood.  (Paris - ditto.  Every park in the city is gorgeous)
  • Visit the museums and galleries.  The season starts in late September, early October and there will be a wide choice of new exhibitions to see (Paris - same - more choice)
  • Eat hot bread and maple butter.  (Paris - forget this - eat anything.  It's all good)
  • Take a course or workshop.  School has started for the kids, and now it's our turn.  I'm thinking of a bookbinding workshop this year, along with French lessons.  (Paris - don't bother.  You'll learn French quick enough by listening)
  • Hit the pumpkin patch and pick a good one for Halloween.  Pick some apples while you're there.  (Paris - there are fruit markets in every arrondisement - easier)
  • Treat yourself to a concert -symphony, ballet or opera.  They all begin in the fall.  (Paris - same thing only more)
  • Explore your city.  Take a walk in an area you aren't familiar with.  (Paris - same deal, more choice)
  • Go to a Fall Festival or bazaar.  This is the time when you can buy great homemade treats and freeze some for the winter.  (Paris - don't freeze, buy fresh)
  • Hockey season starts at the beginning of October.  For fans, I don't need to go any further on this one!  (Paris - forget it - what's hockey)?
  • Start your Christmas shopping early.  I know I know, but I love it.  (Paris - shop all the time.  It's amazing).
Wherever you are, hope you enjoy the fall. 

Pumpkin and Apple Picking   Quinn Farm, Montreal
Concerts & Ballet  Place des Arts, Montreal
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  1. Anonymous9/13/2010

    Very good tips as usual, Susan. Thanks - BP

  2. Any time! Paris or Montreal - happy to help :)