Thursday, 26 August 2010

Unclutter and Live Longer

Next week we’ll be into September (so soon!) and I’m getting ready to dive into fall cleaning. I know most people do spring cleaning, but somehow I never got around to it.

Until today, this was my action plan –

  • Good stuff that I don’t want/need goes to the charity shop
  • Another pile for a possible yard sale
  • Everything else that is worn out or useless, goes into the garbage.

At least that was my plan until I started browsing the web and realize this is a much more serious endeavour than I had first imagined.

Now I see that there are:

  • consultants that will come in to get you organized
  • TV programs that will show you what not to keep
  • recommendations on how to start, progress charts, and accomplishment lists
  • disposal services, burning services, shredding services and pick up services

Seems there will be rewards too – peace of mind, more self esteem and big savings. I should prioritize my possessions and I might even live longer.


I’m sure my mother got rid of clutter without making a major production of it. Yes, I remember her tossing out our old toys and all my clothes from childhood disappeared so she managed that too. I didn’t see any consultants hanging around so I’m sure she did it herself.

Anyway, as a result, I have a new action plan -

Instead of weeding out the unwanted things, I’ll pick out all the good items and get rid of everything else.

Wish me luck!
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  1. Susan, this is absolutely wonderful, I just howled! I love decluttering and reorganizing so much that I save it as a reward for getting other stuff done. This morning I had a few luxurious minutes I spent cleaning out the cabinet under the kitchen sink. It's perverted, I know, but it helps me feel better about my internal chaos. ;-D