Thursday, 5 August 2010

Snippets of Conversation

How Can You NOT Hear?
Isn’t it funny when you hear little pieces of conversation from people passing by? The other day I heard one girl say to another:

“It’s much much better to be murdered than to die in a car accident”. Her friend nodded in agreement and they walked on.

What? You’re going to leave me dangling like this? Now I’m thinking, was she planning on shooting someone versus fooling around with their brakes? My one chance to do a “Poirot” and I missed it. I should have followed them.

One of the better snippets I overheard was in Paris. One man says to another (translating here):

No no my friend. I’ll tell you where to go for really good Champagne……”. His friend wasn’t nodding in agreement though. I could tell he had his own opinion and was sticking to it. This was a better class of conversation that I was missing out on…..

Every large city has a few “characters” that talk or sometimes scream at a fire hydrant or a tree. It’s getting harder and harder to spot them now with so many people blabbing away on a Bluetooth. I guess anyone can have a good, animated conversation with themselves and no one would think twice about it.

Hearing brief snippets of conversation is often unavoidable and can be interesting. With just a few words and the tone of voice, you can tell how that person is feeling; if they’ve had a good day or bad, if they’re happy or sad. Unless, of course, they’re just crabbing about their co-workers or bunions. Really, those topics shouldn’t be allowed in public!


  1. As an avid people watcher, I'm also a trained professional eves dropper. I can't help it, everybody just simply talks too loud! See? Not my fault. But honestly, I love catching little things people say, it's fun to guess what they could be talking about!
    I know I need help. xx

  2. People do talk too LOUD! How can they expect us not to listen? If you need help, I need help too! :)

  3. I loved reading this, as I have often overheard snippets of conversation and thought they would be great fodder for a piece of writing. Inspires me to actually write about it too one day. Cheers!

  4. ouch! Mesina: at the risk of incurring your wrath, it hurts when those eves fall on the heads of passersby, please don't drop any more of other comment is that they say talking to oneself is the sure way to have an intelligent conversation...