Thursday, 19 August 2010

Heavenly Scent On The Champs Elysées

My very favorite store for perfumes and cosmetics is, and you won’t be surprised, Sephora on the Champs Elysées. This is their “flagship” location and it’s always packed with people sampling all the miracle products and perfumes on display. And what a display! I can spend hours in there because it’s a huge store with every brand you can think of, smells great, and there is always someone who is keen to fix my face. The last time I was there it was the woman at the Chanel counter. I was poking around looking at the gorgeous packaging and she just couldn’t resist the challenge of my shiny skin. With pursed (well glossed) lips, and a squint from her (well defined) eyes, she started. -

What products was I using? What foundation was I wearing? What color blush? Did I have a preference for eye shadow? This woman knew perfectly well that I had nothing on my face. I’d just been trudging around Paris all day and was not looking my best. She asked anyway to see what lies I could come up with before she armed herself with the necessary equipment to get to work. A few swipes here, a few dots there, and she worked her miracles.

I always come out of there looking much much better than when I went in. Much much poorer too but what can I do? When a French woman tells me that I really shouldn’t be seen without makeup, and she’s just made me look like a Parisian, there’s no argument from me.

Trouble In Paradise

I do have to mention, however, the “incident”. On one occasion, when leaving the store (with about 20 other people), “beep beep beep”, the alarm went off. The security guard picked me out of the crowd to interrogate and just wouldn’t believe I hadn’t pocketed something. ME! “Just give it back Madame and there will be no more said about it”. He went through my purse, my bags, my jacket and finally, although he still didn’t believe me, he let me go. As I passed through the exit of course there was NO “beep”.  I had worked myself into a good fury by this time.  I stood on the Champs Elysées flapping my arms at him like a lunatic and generally showing him what an idiot tourist can look like. The worst part was someone in that crowd got away with something terrific!

But…..all was forgiven pretty quickly. The lure of Sephora continues!

70-72 avenue des Champs-Elysées

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