Monday, 23 August 2010

Happy Caffeine News

Guest what! Caffeine is now good for you again! Whew! One less thing to worry about. Not so long ago, I was told to drink no more than 2 cups a day max! Now I just read that a study shows caffeine helps prevent dementia. DEMENTIA! I fear this horrible disease more than any other so I’m into the caffeine big time and guilt free. On top of that, I’m awake and on the move!

There’s no stopping me now..who wants to race to Second Cup?..anyone feel like a quick game of tennis?..never’re too many cups have I had anyway?.who did this study?..Mr. Starbucks himself?...why is everyone moving so slow?..come on come on...let's do stuff

Now there’s another question. Are they talking about North American coffee or European coffee? If I load up on coffee in France I can stay up for 72 hours at a time no problem! How great is that! I can go to Paris for the weekend and cover the same territory that used to take a week.

I wonder how you get to participate in these studies? I would love to be a tester for coffee, perfume or designer bags (surely they must test for wear and tear).

I’ll look into it after my next coffee.

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  1. I know about this dementia! I love coffee...
    Cool blog!

  2. count me among the coffee lovers