Friday, 6 August 2010

Festival Mode & Design, Montreal

Once again the streets of Montreal are humming but this time it's with fashion and design. Runways have magically appeared on major streets of the city (sorry drivers), sound systems set up, tents assembled holding various products, and all being enjoyed by happy crowds!

This is the 10th Anniversary of this event and it seems to get more popular each year.

If you're not into fashion, there are art exhibitions and design items for the home.

And, if you're not into fashion, art exhibitions or design items for the home, you can sit back and listen to live bands.

And if you're not into fashion, art exhibitions, design items for the home or live bands, you can sit on a terrasse and have a drink.

And if you're not into any of the above, stay away from downtown Montreal for the next few days but you'll be missing out on a lot of fun.

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1 comment:

  1. oooh I am totally down for all of the above!! Shame I'm sitting here in the UK...pfft.