Thursday, 15 July 2010

When Is Your Peak Brain Time? Try Bejeweled

Have discovered a very scientific method of determining when my brain works the best.  In a word, Bejeweled Blitz.  Oh, that's two words.  Well that just proves my point!  I'm nowhere near peak brain power early morning.

I begin to feel my brain kicking in by noon, better still as the afternoon progresses, and as soon as I get on the metro after work, I have a game of Bejeweled and zap zap zap - SHE SCORES!   I've peaked! Unfortunately this doesn't last long. I can feel myself getting dumber as I walk home and another game shortly after confirms my suspicions, I bomb out.

That's not the end of the brain power for the day - sometimes I can pick right up at 11:00 PM and blow those little gems to kingdom come!  Another peak.

I imagine this would work with any sort of computer game but I haven't tested this theory.  If anyone from the scientific community wants to hire me to expand on this, please feel free to contact me.

Next I'm working on:

If x = Susan and y = Paris, then xy = very happy.

No that's not right.  I'll wait for my next peak before continuing.

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