Saturday, 10 July 2010

That's Not Funny!

There's nothing funny about someone slipping on a banana peel, but really, it's hilarious! You'd think that old slapstick, physical comedy would be totally "out" now that we're living in a politically correct age but no, funny is funny.

(I had a really great photo here of Charlie Chaplin but it's gone!  I no longer trust Wikipedia)!

Now here's where it gets embarrassing.

Leaving the metro one night I saw a man, obviously in a huge hurry, who was running past everyone like his head was on fire. Nearing the turnstiles, he didn't notice a waist high plexiglas barrier in his path and he ran straight into it, or should I say threw himself half over it.  So there he was, dangling back and forth by the waist, his briefcase still in hand, his feet  not touching the ground,  just.....dangling!  This struck me as really really funny and  I laughed myself right out of the building. Other commuters were laughing at me laughing which made me laugh even more! (Well,  you know how it is when you just can't control yourself?  It happens)!  

I'm sure Lucy, The Three Stooges, The Marx Brothers and Charlie Chaplin all would have had a good guffaw over all this.  Maybe I was born too late.  I wonder if there are any Vaudeville shows on?

Have a good weekend.  Hope you have a lot of laughs.
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