Monday, 19 July 2010

Laughing In Montreal with Steve Martin

Steve Martin and Steep Canyon Rangers
If you really want to laugh, come to Montreal during "Just For Laughs or Juste Pour Rire", the annual comedy festival.  Every year we have a great selection of comedians to see, as well as street performers, and everything and anything you can think of that would make you laugh and just plain feel good!

This year we saw Steve Martin hosting a comedy gala which included a lineup of great stand-up comics including Godfrey, Tom Rigglesworth, Todd Barry, Whitney Cummings and Andrew Maxwell - all excellent!  Steve was the perfect host and, besides keeping us in stitches, played a mean banjo with the Steep Canyon Rangers.  All in all, a great evening.   (Yes, he did "King Tut" as his last song) :)

Dinner on St. Denis before the show

We've seen some of the best over the years but I have two favorite shows from the past in mind.  John Pinette (he was performing again this year and damn, we missed him).  Check out Pinette on You Tube, and all I can say is if you have the opportunity to see him, DO!

The other, who is sadly no longer with us, was Richard Jeni.  I have to say a few words about this amazing talent. Jeni had the audience laughing so hard, that people were bent over in pain - women had their make-up smeared all over their faces, and the audience looked like something awful had just swept through the theatre.  No, it was just people that couldn't stop laughing for hours on end and could no longer sit upright in their seats.  I'm laughing just thinking about that night.

Sidewalk sale includes entertainment too!
All this to say, keep Montreal in mind for summer fun.  Jazz Festival, Comedy Festival, International Fireworks, fun sidewalk sales.....

Really, I should be paid by the Montreal Tourist Board!

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