Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Spare Change

Yesterday I was in downtown Montreal when a fellow stopped me and asked for spare change to buy food. I had $2.00 in my pocket which I gladly gave to him. He asked if I could give him more as he needed $11.95 for his lunch. This would be $6.95 more than I spend on lunch so I guess he eats in a better class of place. This is another difference between Montreal and Paris. In Paris, there is always a good entertaining scam to make money. For instance, the old “I just found this very valuable ring but I’ll sell it to you for a few Euros” scam. Investing 1 Euro for a dozen cheap rings, they can make a bundle in no time (unsuspecting tourists being rather green and I’m not talking about the environment). The down side is when this doesn’t work, they’ll just steal your wallet and take off. A cultural difference I presume.

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