Sunday, 6 June 2010

Plastic Bags, It's Not Easy Being Green

I am now the proud owner of 163 heavy plastic shopping bags which I keep buying to save the environment.  Every time I go into the grocery store, I buy more to carry my purchases home.  I'm green!  None of those 5 cent throw-away jobs for me!  Unfortunately I never have one of those 163 heavy plastic shopping bags when I need them.  Not one of those fantastic bags will fit in a designer purse and I refuse to carry one over my arm every morning. So, very soon 162 heavy plastic shopping bags will end up in the garbage because, even folded up, the 162 I don't need/want take up quite a bit of space.  I've tried giving them away but no one wants them.  They're too ugly to use for creative, the garbage is the only answer.

By the way, if on the odd chance you actually do have one of these bags with you when you stop to shop, the cashier will inspect it to make sure you're not stealing one!  They'll give you that "how come you actually carry one of these things" look so you feel like a weirdo for even trying.

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