Wednesday, 30 June 2010

July - What a Great Month!

Hurray for July!   Canada Day and Bastille Day both in the same month.

Canada Day is the celebration of Canadian Confederation in 1867.  Papers signed, happy birthday, parties, drinks and fun fun fun.

On the other hand, Bastille Day seems a bit gloomy to me.   I know I know, Declaration of the Rights of Man and all that, but still.  Wasn't the storming of the Bastille  the opening stage of the French Revolution?  Didn't an awful lot of people lose their heads in one of the bloodiest periods of French history? I read that Nicolas Sarkozy has cancelled the annual presidential garden party that is normally held on this day.  He claims it is a symbolic cost cutting measure but I suspect he's given this whole thing some serious thought and will have a bigger and better party for another occasion.  I'm just guessing of course.

Anyway, no matter the reason, I'll happily be celebrating both Canada and France this month!  Santé!


  1. Happy Canada Day, Susan! I'm subscribing to your blog. I read a number of your fascinating posts, and get a huge kick out of your sense of humor!

  2. hi Susan, not sure how to subscribe to your blog, have looked at options but cannot find the right one...oh well, I can check the old fashioned way - the world of high tech eludes me once again...