Friday, 11 June 2010

Formula 1, Grand Prix Time in Montreal

I may not know anything about racing, but I do know FUN and Montreal is humming! It's F1 time this weekend and Crescent and Peel Streets are closed to traffic (ironically) for the occasion. The streets are filled with fabulous cars, admiring aficionados, music, games, free stuff (!) and a very festive air.  There are even live bands and fashion shows (although I'm not sure what they're modelling).

This seemed like a good time to at least learn the basics so I checked out the Formula One website. They have everything you need to know from Aerodynamics to Pit Stops. (Actually there is even more info, I just like writing Pit Stops).

If you don’t want to go to the Grand Prix, you can always go to New Town, the restaurant on Crescent St. opened by Jacques Villeneuve (Canada’s first F1 champion for you newbies) – you’ll be right in the action without going deaf from the roar of the cars.

Enjoy the race!

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