Sunday, 27 June 2010

Dumb-Ass Vocabulary

Recently, I've noticed that my words have become really dumb-ass.  I should say, recently my vocabulary has become increasingly limited.  That's better.  I know this is all my own fault.  I mean to say I recognize that the problem stems from my self imposed restricted use of the English language.

This is all the result of my being totally incapable of learning French.  Living in Quebec, and travelling to Paris, you would think I'd be bilingual by now....but soon as I begin speaking French most people switch to a result, I use words that are common in everyday vocabulary to make the whole conversation easier.

But why is French so complicated?  Why masculine and feminine for stuff?  I mean, why impose gender on inanimate objects?  

Solution?  Back to Berlitz.  For both English and French!  I gotta talk gooder 'cause this is driving me nutz!
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